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The Servant, the Man, and the Angel TAGS: | | In the story of Eliezer’s Journey to Aram Naharaim to search for a bride for Yitzchak, his master Avraham’s son, there is an interesting feature in the narrative. In the first part of the story, Eliezer is consistently referred to by the narrative voice as הָעֶבֶד – the servant, right up to the point where he runs to speak with Rivka at the well ” וַיָּרָץ הָעֶבֶד לִקְרָאתָהּ” (Ber. 34:17). However, from that point onwards, he is referred to by the narrative voice as הָאִישׁ – the man (Ber. 24:21, 24:26, 24:29, 24:32), through most of the encounter with Rivka and her family.

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