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Shabbat Duality: The Value of Inaction TAGS: | | | | | In this week’s Parsha, right after discussing the details of the construction of the Mishkan the Hashem instructs Moshe to tell the Jewish people about Shabbat. There it states (in …Continue reading →

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Collective Punishment TAGS: | | | | | Parshat VaYishlach contains the tragic story of how Yaakov’s daughter Dina is kidnapped and raped by Shechem. After committing his heinous act, Shechem asks his father, Chamor, to ask Yaakov …Continue reading →

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The Little Things In Life TAGS: | | | This week’s Parsha starts with the story of the birth of Yaakov and Esav. Yaakov is born grasping onto Esav’s heel, seemingly trying to prevent his older brother from being …Continue reading →

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Anger Management TAGS: | | | | This week’s parsha has the interesting story of Avraham sending his servant Eliezer to find a wife for Yitzchak. At the beginning of the story, Avraham makes Eliezer swear that …Continue reading →

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