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Life Lessons TAGS: | | Parashat Hayye Sarah is, at large, a chronicle of Avraham Avinu’s last living actions.  Beginning with the death of Sarah Imeinu and ending with the death of Avraham himself (with …Continue reading →

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With Much Alacrity TAGS: | | | One part of learning the parasha that is both fascinating and instructive is learning more about the characters and their qualities because, as we know, our forefathers aren’t merely our …Continue reading →

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Calling out in the Name of God TAGS: | Our parasha traces the very beginning of a new epoch in human history – the beginning of Avraham Avinu’s relationship with Hashem, his role in the world, and a brit …Continue reading →

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What the Destruction of the World Can Teach Us About Human Relations TAGS: | The passuk at the beginning of parashat Noach tells us: ויאמר אלהים לנח, קץ כל בשר בא לפני — כי מלאה הארץ חמס, מפניהם והנני משחיתם, את-הארץ. (בראשית ו:יג) And …Continue reading →

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