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The Simcha of Adar

Posted on כ״ח בשבט ה׳תש״ע (February 12, 2010) | in Purim | by

The Netivot Shalom  states that true simcha is being שמח בחלקו (happy with what one currently has). How does Adar (and Purim in particular) function to increase this simcha, if true simcha is an internal mindset, not based on external settings?

The Netivot Shalom elaborates that Purim represents an אור לגלות, a sign that Hashem still cares for us, despite our inability to do proper teshuvah and extract ourselves from exile. When we enter Adar, we are reminded of that relationship,; we are reminded that our חלק is one in which Hashem is still our Redeemer and actively anticipating the Final Redemption, and that awareness should lead to increased happiness.

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