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“…he will rejoice in his heart.”

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Shemos 5770 Hashem tells Moshe that his older brother Aharon will serve as his spokesperson, and He further comments to him that when Aharon “sees you he will rejoice in his heart” (Shemos 4:14). Our Sages lavishly praise Aharon for not being jealous nor taking issue with his younger brother – who had been missing in action for the last forty years – showing up and “usurping” the position of the leader of the Isrealites, the position which he himself had held up to this point. How was Aharon able to so genuinely rejoice at Moshe’s appointment despite what it meant for him? I believe one answer can be that Aharon simply had developed himself to the point where his sole concern was for the honor of Hashem – his own status was meaningless to him. The Mesilas Yesharim writes (Chapter 19: The Elements of Piety):

The most highly esteemed form of intent is one that is completely divorced from all personal wants and is concerned only with the glory of the Divine Presence and the sanctification of the Blessed One’s Name, which is sanctified among His creatures when they fulfill His will.

For Aharon it was insignificant whether the redemption would be carried out through him or through another; all that mattered was that there would be a redemption. It is very difficult to put aside our own invested interests in favor of Hashem’s will. Often we will deceive ourselves into believing that Hashem’s will is obviously in line with our own. The Mishna (Avos 2:4) screams out the folly of this assumption – “Make your will His will,” it declares. If we truly set our sights on achieving this lofty level of intent, we will G-d willing merit Divine Assistance in attaining it. Good Shabbos!

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