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Where Will the Tzaddik Rest His Head?

Posted on ט׳ בכסלו ה׳תש״ע (November 26, 2009) | in VaYetzei | by

VaYeitzei 5770 The book Mesillas Yesharim, describes how the fate of the world depends on human deeds. If a person is drawn after the physical, he distances himself from Hashem, will himself be corrupted and will corrupt the world with him. However, “if he can rule over himself and he cleaves to his Creator and uses this world solely to aid him in serving his Creator, he will be elevated and the world itself will be uplifted with him” (Chapter 1). This message can be learned from the Midrash quoted by Rashi (Bereishis 28:11) regarding the stones that Yaakov Avinu gathered for his resting spot. “[The stones] began to quarrel with one another – each one said, ‘Let the tzaddik rest his head upon me.’” Self-denial of worldly pleasures is not the Jewish ideal; being mekadesh the chol (sanctifying the mundane/secular) through its proper use in furthering our spiritual growth is. Good Shabbos!

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